Redmi Note 3 is finally here in India. After long waiting period finally it has made entry into the Indian Market after the launch of Xiaomi Mi 4i last year. It is available online on major E-commerce giants like Snapdeal, Filpkart and Amazon. Xiaomi has launched this new smart phone in two versions. One comes with 2 GB RAM and the other one is with 3GB RAM only at RS9, 999 & RS11, 999. The cell phone has all standard features and it is all set to give tough competition to mid budget player cell phones like Le 1s, Lenovo K4 note, Moto G Turbo & Huawei’s Honor 5X.


Now let’s just talk about its features and other major aspects that make Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 different from other smart phones.

PROCESSOR & SPECIFICATIONS: In terms of performance Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is really blazing fast as its performance is outstanding. The heating problem is not a issue in this cell phone. In term of daily tasks like normal browsing it performs well, only in the case of continuous gaming it can get little hot, but that’s not a major setback at all. From a common perspective Redmi is more than capable.


CAMERA QUALITY: Xiaomi is smart enough to think about how to hold on to its fans when it comes to picture quality. Xiaomi Note 3 comes with 16megapixels camera and 5megapixel front camera. You can control the exposure in front camera, also some tinkering features has been added to it. There is also a tilted mode, whereby you can straighten any picture you have taken.

DESIGN & SCREEN: In terms of weight it’s not the sleekest cell phone in the market, but surely it’s the lightest for its size, its Gold color is really flawless and gives a classy look to the device without any scratch and paint chipping off the device. The screen comes with 5.5HD sunlight display and special reading mode. The display is prone to smudges, but you can easily read on this display in full, bright sunlight. Overall the display quality is quite good.

BATTERY LIFE: Battery is at the position, where it only increases the quality standards of this cell phone. Its 4000mah battery takes long time to charge, but in fact it doesn’t need to be fully charged and you can easily pass a week by merely charging the cell phone 2 times.


CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS & MICRO-SDXiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a dual SIM cell phone with an option for micro-SD slot. This phone is 4G capable of course, plus it also supports VOLTE. It supports Band 5 as well and that gives Xiaomi Note 3 a huge advantage over the other smart phones in the market as most of the smart phones comes with dual Band support (3 & 40).

CONCLUSION:  The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will definitely lead its brand to great heights as India is a huge market for its growth. From its features, the Redmi Note 3 is value for money; it has a big battery, a stunning display and the MIUI is one of the cleaner interfaces you’ll see. With its pricing which puts it in Rs 9,999 -Rs 11,999, Redmi Note 3 will give the mid-budget phones, especially those that have created a buzz in the market, a run for their money.