A smart phone is a type of mobile phone which combines many identity elements of a personal computer operating system along with the standalone features of a mobile handheld device. Most smart phones come prebuilt with their own mobile operating system which is advanced in their own right.

Feature-wise, smart phones are pocket-sized in nature and their primary function is the ability to receive and make phones like traditional cell phones. Other additional features (akin to most digital mobile devices) are present in smart phones and they include:


  1. Calendar appointments through a Personal Digital Assistant
  2. Media Player for playing both audio and video content.
  3. Support for playing mobile games.
  4. GPS Tracking and Navigation software like Google Maps etc.
  5. In-built digital camera for both photos and videos.
  6. Browser and internet support for browsing the World Wide Web and streaming online content.
  7. Support for installing and running third-party software applications downloaded through sites like Google Play Store, Apple App Store etc.
  8. Most smart phones have a user interface which is a capacitive touch screen with multiple display options like LCD, OLED, AMOLED, LED etc.


le-2-01Some of the most popular mobile operating systems operating globally include Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Xiaomi Inc. is a major Chinese electronics company based out of Beijing, China. Ownership is private and as per 2016 growth cycles, Xiaomi is on track to become the 3rd largest smart phone maker on a global basis. The company is in the business of developing, designing and selling smart phones along with related mobile applications. After gaining a major foothold in the mainstream market of mainland China, Xiaomi has expanded its footprint into South-East Asis including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

The latest offering from this telecommunications giant is the upcoming model slated to be released shortly, the MI6.

This feature packed smart phone is slated to be released somewhere in the 2nd half of 2016. The future of smart phones will be defined by the model MI6 offered by Xiaomi which is already the fastest growing manufacturer of smart phones running the Android mobile operating system.

The company, through the release of the Xiaomi MI6, will also be targeting previously untapped markets like the U.S.A., Canada and Australia where there is a huge demand for premium smart phone features available on budget friendly models. Pricing policies place the Xiaomi MI6 at a rate which is half the amount charged by premium manufacturers like Apple, LG, HTC, Samsung etc.

The Xiaomi MI6 is rumored to be getting a 5.2/5.5 Inch 4K screen with a resolution of 4096 X 2160. Processing speed is expected to be delivered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor with an expected clock speed of 2.5-2.7 GHZ. In terms of the camera setup, the expected offerings include a 23 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera.

Design elements include a rumored metal body design with a premium glass finish to the back which will add a touch of class to the Xiaomi MI6.

Other futuristic elements which will make the Xiaomi MI6 stand out from the competition include a wireless charging functionality along with rapid charging facility. Xiaomi is also looking to replace the fingerprint scanner with an eye scanner in it’s offering, the MI6. Memory options in the Xiaomi MI6 will include an expected expandable size of 128 GB delivered through a Micro SD card along with the traditional offerings of onboard memory with the ranges 16, 32 and 64 GB. For people with a habit of dropping their smart phones, the Xiaomi MI6 will be protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display surface.