In the digital marketplace with few boundaries, there is a growing multitude of online visitors with a penchant for e-shopping. While most of these individuals may have heard of Amazon or eBay, many of them are still unfamiliar with Flipkart. This argument however falls flat when we talk about the Indian sub-continent.


In the ever growing and dynamic Indian market, Flipkart is making a name for itself in the e-commerce vertical. With a focus on a growing range of products/services, the company is seeking to expand its overall portfolio and improve its digital footprint on the e-commerce marketplace. Prospective buyers can either access the official Flipkart site online or through the official mobile application downloaded on the smart phones(with internet connectivity).

In terms of market dynamics, the Indian economy is growing at a rapid rate and a growing segment of the Indian population is now more digitally “wired” than ever before. Rapid improvements in technology like the availability of affordable 4G LTE internet has only spurred on people to spend more time online. With higher disposable incomes and a latent change in public outlook, more and more Indians are seeking to do their shopping online. With special services like Cash on Delivery and Home Delivery being propagated by online retailers, few people are being spurred on to visit physical brick and mortar establishments.


Flipkart was founded in 2007 by the Bansal brothers – Sachin & Binny. With its global headquarters located in Bangalore, India, the company has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Currently, the product portfolio covers more than 20 million different offerings grouped across 70 categories. Workforce strength at Flipkart hovers at 20,000 employees and the number of registered online users numbers more than 26 million individuals. On a daily basis, Flipkart’s data servers register more than 8 million hits online.

As far as India is concerned, Flipkart is by far the largest e-commerce platform with a loyal customer base which is growing annually.

In terms of the promotional events frequently launched by Flipkart, one of the more prominent ones is the Flipkart Freedom Sale. Coinciding with India’s 69th year of independence (and to commemorate the same), the company is launching the Flipkart Freedom Sale from August 10th, 2016 and it will run until midnight of August 12th 2016. Indian consumers will benefit from a range of different deals and discounts. On offer will be a multitude of promotional campaigns covering smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Promotional offers will also be extended to old smart phones with unique exchange offers during the duration of the sales event. For customers looking to purchase new handsets through an installment scheme, Flipkart Freedom Sale supports this business model through a no cost EMI offering. For customers checking out through a HDFC credit card, there is an add-on discount of 10% during the sales period (subject to certain rules and conditions).

Premium Flipkart subscribers (known as Flipkart First members) will be able to avail of expedited and free shipping during order fulfillment. In addition, Flipkart First members will have early access to all premium deals before the Freedom Sale opens officially to the general public on August 10th.

As has been the norm with past promotional events, the Flipkart Freedom Sale 2016 is open only to users logging in through the mobile application and excludes the desktop users. In order to avail of the heavily discounted deals/campaigns, users will have to download the official Flipkart mobile app and register for the same.