Today’s age group craves to experience the finest of everything that they utilize in terms of quality as well technology. When it comes to use of Mobile phones then there are plentiful brands that promises high-quality results in terms of performance as well as experience. Finally Xiaomi Redmi 3S is available for sale on E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart. With the ever growing mobile market industry there is lot that’s yet to come. From technological advancements to power shaping equipments, Mobile devices have evolved in immense technology monsters that are slurping everything with ease without even letting know what’s actually happening.


In terms of hardware and design Redmi 3S is one of the best cell phone that you can opt under  Rs10, 000. Here are most excellent reasons why you should buy this cell phone.

  1. Apart from anything else “CAMERA” is one of the major features that everyone looks for in cell phones and Redmi 3s won’t let you down for the same. The phone has 13 Megapixel rear camera with the features like phase detect auto focus and 0.1S ultra fast focusing.


  1. Besides it 6,999 price that is relatively ideal, it comes with metal body and well refined outlook. In term of features it is not behind at all. With 16GB Storage and 2GB RAM, it has latest MIUI 8, dual sim support for VolTE with 4G. So basically it is a Master Piece with power pact performance.


  1. Battery is one of the most prominent factor that settle on rise or fall of any cell phone and people are worried mostly about it. Redmi 3s Flipkart besides its small size and 5 inches screen- comes with 4100 mAH battery. Coupled with Snapdragon 430 and 64 bit octa-core processor it will give this cell phone smooth life that will last two days long with single charge.


  1. In terms of Display, everybody these days look for eye soothing and comfortable screen. Redmi is doing pretty well in this field. It’s all shaped in 12.6cm (5) HD display which prevents eye fatigue by reducing blue light rays. You can also adjust color temperature based on your preferences leading to Warm, Standard and Cool.



It is available in three color variants -Gold, Silver and Grey weighing 144 grams with thickness of 8.5mm. The main show up of this cell phone in market is its battery life undoubtedly. With the growing competition among cell phones in the market, battery is one of the major concerns and it’s has withdrawn lot of customer attraction towards this cell phone. One of the key advantage of this cell phone is that company has added an IR blaster to a device of its size, which can effectively convert phone into universal remote for all electronics devices like TV, DVD Players, Air conditioners, Projectors ETC.

Without any doubt Redmi 3S Flipkart is one of the affordable cell phone in market providing all the quality features upon which smart phones are build on.