E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce refers to the exchange of goods and/or services between the buyer and the seller, using the World Wide Web or Internet as the electronic medium.

E-Commerce makes use of the digital platform in order to aid the continuance of commercial activities and requires no physical interaction between the affected parties (unlike a traditional brick and mortar establishment).

Recent surveys indicate that the total business value of e-commerce activities was in excess of US$ 8 trillion for the calendar year 2015 with more exponential growth projected right through the year 2016.

E-Commerce elicits the use of the latest technological developments in order to complete a commercial transaction. The most common business model where E-Commerce is increasingly being used is the “B2C” model where goods and/or services are sold directly by the business to the end consumer.

In a B2C e-commerce business model, the potential customer gathers information about a specific product or service through the online website maintained by the business. The website is traditionally a product or service catalogue which the customer uses to gather the necessary information needed to finalize a purchase decision.

At the end of the process, if the customer decides to go through with the purchase decision, he/she uses the online shopping cart provided by the merchant to complete the checkout process and make the payment online. The physical good is then shipped to the delivery address provided by the customer at a later date.

In a B2C e-commerce business model, the business does not have to keep open a large store front which is customer accessible. This saving in cost can be passed down to the customer in the form of lower prices.

Flipkart is a major Indian e-commerce platform which changed the way in which the general Indian populace viewed online shopping. The company was cofounded by the Bansal brothers (Sachin and Binny) way back in October 2007. Since then, Flipkart has grown by leaps & bounds and now boasts a phenomenal customer base spread out all across India.

The company is registered in Singapore having its headquarters located in Bangalore, India. Flipkart has a huge product portfolio on offer for the online shopper. Flipkart Mobile Phones are the best selling category so far.

The demand for Flipkart Mobile phones in India is growing with every passing year and Flipkart has decided to join the bandwagon.

Flipkart Mobiles include a range of mobile devices available for purchase through the e-commerce platform. The customer can search for multiple brands across varying budgets with different form functions in order to streamline his/her choice.

Flipkart Mobiles Phones include the latest models which have been released in India and in some cases, manufacturers tie up with Flipkart to make sure that online orders are serviced only through Flipkart’s Order Management System.

Flipkart Mobiles Offers include a range of exchange offers available for the customer where a brand new mobile is available at a very discounted price in exchange for the customers used unit.

All Flipkart Mobiles purchased through the e-commerce platform come with a return policy within a specified time period. Customers can also opt to go in for Equated Monthly Installments where the cost of the mobile phone needs to be paid up within 2 years through equal, monthly payments.

Through Flipkart Mobile latest smart phones can be purchased by the online shopper and this includes new releases from leading tier 1 brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and a host of other leading smart phone manufacturers.

Flipkart Android Phones offer a lot of choice and variety for the online shopper. Flipkart has tied up with multiple smart phone manufacturers who offer both stock Android and customized Android models at very discounted prices.

All Flipkart phones sold through the company’s online e-commerce platform are sourced through multiple order fulfillment centers spread out all across India so that the lead time for a customer delivery is kept to a bare minimum.

Flipkart mobile exchange offer is available and covers leading brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi etc. Some of the most popular models covered under this exchange offer include Xiaomi Mi Max, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 etc.